Getting started

To use eConnect in a development project, complete the following:

1. Review the eConnect architecture.

Review Architecture to familiarize yourself with eConnect’s components. eConnect supports several application programming interfaces (APIs) that you can use to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you understand how eConnect’s underlying components work together, you can quickly identify the eConnect API that meets the needs of your integration project.

2. Discuss the installation process.

Before starting a new project, discuss the eConnect installation procedure with your system administrator. You need to ensure the eConnect business objects are installed on the Microsoft Dynamics GP server. You also need to identify any unique configuration settings that occurred during installation. You should evaluate how configuration settings impact each eConnect API.

3. Learn about eConnect XML documents.

eConnect uses XML documents to describe Microsoft Dynamics GP documents and transactions. Refer to eConnect Schema and XML Documents , to learn how eConnect XML documents are structured. Refer to the Schema Reference and an XML Node Reference of the eConnect help documentation to learn about specific eConnect schemas, nodes, and elements.

4. Select the API for your project.

Once you select the eConnect API you intend to use, review the portion of the Programmer’s Guide that discusses that API. For example, if you want to use eConnect with a .NET development project, review .NET Development to learn how to add and use eConnect in your project.

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