Creating eConnect XML documents

Since XML is a text-based representation of data, there are many tools that can produce eConnect XML documents. You can use any text tools to produce the document as long as the XML structure and nodes comply with the eConnect schema for the document.

For .NET development, use the .NET serialization assembly (Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.
eConnect.Serialization.dll) to create XML documents. The serialization assembly helps you programmatically produce eConnect XML documents. The assembly automatically orders the XML node elements to comply with the eConnect schema.

If you manually create XML documents, take care to ensure the schema transaction types and XML nodes are in the order specified by the Schema Reference, the XML Node Reference, or the schema file.

If you use the .NET assembly (Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.dll) to submit your XML document, the .NET assembly will not re-order the XML document to comply with eConnect schema requirements. The assembly submits the XML document with the XML node elements in the order you provide.