Special characters in eConnect XML documents

If your XML data contains one or more special characters, you must add a CDATA format tag to your data element. The following table lists the special characters that require the use of a CDATA tag.


Special character

Special meaning

Entity encoding


Begins a tag



Ends a tag


Quotation mark







The MSXML parser requires a CDATA format tag when you use one of these characters. The following example demonstrates the use of a CDATA format tag:

	<![CDATA[Consolidated Telephone & Telegraph]]>

You can also use a CDATA tag to remove data from a field. To clear data from a field, create an eConnect XML document that updates the targeted record. Use a CDATA tag that contains a blank space to populate the eConnect element that represents the field. The following example uses a CDATA tag to clear the Short Name field of a customer. Notice how the CDATA tag contains a single blank space.

<eConnect xmlns:dt="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:datatypes">
				<![CDATA[ ]]> 

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