To use eConnect to retrieve or update data from Microsoft Dynamics GP, add the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect assembly and namespace to your .NET project.

To use the classes in the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect namespace, you must add a reference to the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect assembly to your .NET project. For information about how to add a reference, see Adding a reference .

The Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect namespace includes the following classes:.





Specifies the properties you use to configure an eConnect application.


Enables you to create a collection of Microsoft Dynamics GP document numbers. You use the collection with the RollBackDocumentList method of the GetNextDocNumbers class to return unused numbers.


The eConnectException class enables you to catch or throw eConnect-specific errors. If a method in the eConnectMethods class encounter an error, the method throws an eConnectException. For more information about the eConnect exceptions, see eConnectException Class .


The eConnectMethods class allows you to send and receive XML that represent eConnect documents. For more information about how to use the eConnectMethods class, see eConnectMethods Class .


The EnumTypes class defines enumerations that you use to connect to the eConnect business objects. You typically use these enumerations as parameters for the eConnect_EntryPoint and eConnect_Requester methods of the eConnectMethods class. For more information about the eConnect enumerations, see EnumTypes Class .


Enables you to get the next available number for several types of Microsoft Dynamics GP documents.


Enables you to retrieve the next available number for a sales document. This class also allows you to return a SOP number that was retrieved but not used.


Specifies a single Microsoft Dynamics GP document number. Use a RollBackDocument object when you need access to an individual record in the arraylist produced by the RollBackDocuments method of the DocumentRollback class.

For more information about the classes in the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect namespace, see Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect Namespace .

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