Adding a service reference

To add the eConnect Integration Service to an application, you must first add a service reference to the Visual Studio project for that application.

To add a service reference to a Visual Studio project, the properties for the project must specify the target framework as .NET Framework 3.5.

To add service reference to a Visual Studio project, complete the following steps.

  1. Add a Service Reference.

    In Visual Studio, click the the Project menu, and then click Add Service Reference. The Add Service Reference window opens.

    1. Specify the service URL.

      In the Address box of the Add Service Reference window, enter the URL of eConnect Integration Service. Click Go. The Services box displays the eConnect service.

      The following is a typical URL for the eConnect Integration service.

      1. Specify the service.

        In the Services box, click eConnect. In the Namespace box, enter a name for the service. Click OK. The service reference is created and the service configuration information is automatically added to configuration file of you application.