Adding an XML node

eConnect allows you to add XML nodes to the XML document schema. Custom XML nodes enable you to use new data elements in an eConnect XML document. You also use custom XML nodes to trigger the business logic in a custom SQL stored procedure.

To begin, specify a name for your XML node. The name must be unique and must match the name of a SQL stored procedure. In addition, the name of the XML node cannot end with the word Items.

In the eConnect transaction type schema documents, XML nodes that end with Items indicate the node contains one or more child nodes. If you attempt to use a single XML node with a name that ends with Items, your transaction will fail.

When eConnect processes an XML document, it uses the name of each XML node to find the SQL stored procedure that contains the business logic for that XML node. For example, a document that includes a custom XML node named <eConnectCustomProcedure> requires the target database to include a SQL stored procedure named eConnectCustomProcedure.

After you have a name for your XML node, you must specify the data elements for your XML node. The data elements contain the values for the XML document. To add data elements to an XML node, use the following guidelines: