Using the RequesterTrx element

Many eConnect XML nodes include an element named RequesterTrx. The RequesterTrx element enables you to specify whether the Transaction Requester should publish a transaction that creates, updates, or deletes Microsoft Dynamics GP record as an XML document.

To specify that an incoming eConnect XML document should not publish the transaction to the eConnect_Out table, set the RequesterTrx element of each XML node in the document to 0. A RequesterTrx element with a value of 0 instructs the Transaction Requester to not publish the current transaction in the eConnect_Out table.

For example, you use the eConnect Requester Setup utility to publish all customer inserts, updates, or deletes to the eConnect_Out table. To prevent a specific eConnect customer XML document from being published, you set the RequesterTrx element of the <taUpdateCreateCustomerRcd> XML node to 0.

For most XML nodes, the default value of the RequesterTrx element is 0. The default prevents the Transaction Requester from recognizing creates, updates, and deletes that originate from eConnect.

To ensure an eConnect XML document you use to create, update, or delete a record in Microsoft Dynamics GP is handled by the Transaction Requester, set the RequesterTrx element of that XML node to 1.

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