How the sample application works

The sample application uses a class from the eConnect .NET assemblies to process eConnect XML documents. The application creates, or retrieves Microsoft Dynamics GP data using the eConnect XML document.

The application requires an eConnect connection string to specify a Microsoft Dynamics GP database. Use the connection string dialog box to specify your server name, log in name , password, and database.

The application uses eConnect XML documents to perform operations on Microsoft Dynamics GP data. The contents of the eConnect XML document determines the type of operation.

Click the Send XML button to have the application perform the create, or request operation. The application displays the return result of each operation in the Return Information box.

The application allows you to edit the contents of the XML Document box. To save the changes you make to the eConnect XML document, click the Save XML button. The application writes the contents of the XML Document box to a file.

If an error occurs, the application displays the error message in the Return Information box.

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