Running the sample application

To run this sample application, perform the following steps:

  1. Start Visual Studio and open the solution file for the sample application.

    The solution file for this sample is named RequesterConsoleApplication.sln. The solution file is in the CSHARPRequesterConsoleApplication folder inside the Samples folder.

    1. Open the source file.

      Open the Visual Studio Solution Explorer and open the Class1.cs file.

      1. Update the connection string.

        Locate the variable named sConnectionString and set the Data Source value to the name of your Microsoft Dynamics GP SQL Server. Set the Initial Catalog value to TWO.

        1. Build the RequesterConsoleApplication.exe.

          Choose “Build RequesterConsoleApplication” in the Build menu.

          1. Open a console window.

            From the Start menu, choose All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt. In the console window, open the directory where you built the RequesterConsoleApplication.exe.

            1. Run the RequesterConsoleApplication.

              Type RequesterConsoleApplication.exe and press Enter. When the application completes, the console window displays XML data for Aaron Fitz Electric.