How eConnect was used

The sample application uses classes from the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect and Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.Serialization assemblies.


The application instantiates the eConnectMethods class to create an eConnectMethods object. The application uses the object’s GetEntity method to retrieve the specified customer data. The GetEntity method requires two strings. One represents an eConnect XML request document and the other is the eConnect connection string.


The application uses several serialization classes to construct an eConnect XML request document. To create a request document, the sample application instantiates the eConnectType, RQeConnectOutType, and eConnectOut classes.

The application populates the properties of the eConnectOut object to specify the customer. It then populates RQeConnectOutType object with the eConnectOut object. The application completes the eConnect XML request document by populating the eConnectType object with the RQeConnectOutType object.

The application uses a .NET XmlSerializer to write the eConnectType object as a string. The application uses the XML string as parameter of the eConnect_Requester method.

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