Running the sample application

To run this sample application, perform the following steps:

  1. Start Visual Studio and open the solution file for the sample application.

    The solution file is named QueueClientForDotNet.sln. The solution file is in the VBDOTNETQueueClient folder inside the Samples folder.

    1. Choose Start Debugging from the Debug menu.

      To build the solution, choose “Start Debugging” in the Debug menu. The application starts.

      1. Mark the MSMQ Private or Public queue option.

        You may use either Private or Public queues. The application default specifies private queues.

        1. Select the queue that will receive the message.

          The Local Private Queues drop-down list contains the MSMQ queues on your computer. Select the queue in the list you want to receive the eConnect XML message.

          1. Enter a message label.

            Use the message label to identify your message when viewing the contents of the queue.

            1. Select an eConnect XML document file.

              Click the ellipsis (...) button next to the XML Document Path box. A dialog box opens. Use the dialog box to find and open an XML file. Highlight the file you want to use and click Open.

              1. Review the XML document.

                The Browser View and Text View tabs display the contents of the XML file. You may edit the XML in the Text View tab. If you edit the XML, you will be prompted to save your changes to the file.

                1. Send the XML as a message to MSMQ.

                  Click the Send to Queue button to send the eConnect XML message to the specified queue. A message box indicates the message was successfully sent to the specified queue. Click OK.