Bank Reconciliation

The bank transaction entry is a posting window and it does not allow you to save batches. When you use eConnect to enter a bank transaction, it generates a batch in the General Ledger. eConnect does not post through the General Ledger. You must verify and post all the batches generated by eConnect to the Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger.

If your Microsoft Dynamics GP setup allows posting through the General Ledger, this does not apply to eConnect.

Microsoft Dynamics GP requires a distribution when you enter or void a transaction. To ensure the distribution is included, eConnect automatically supplies the required distribution. You cannot change how eConnect automatically creates this required distribution. If you configure eConnect to not automatically create distributions, eConnect still creates these required distributions.

At this time, the <taBRBankTransactionDist>, <taBRBankTransactionHeader>, <taBRBankTransactionVoid> XML nodes do not use the RequesterTrx element.

The Bank Reconciliation schemas are as follows: