Examples: AddCategory

The following example adds the Inventory category to the current content area of the Area Page being defined.

local AreaPageXMLState XMLState;

{Hide the customize link for the page}
call Command_HideAndDisable, command CustomizeHomePage of form Command_System;

{Add items to the Area page}
call Create of form syAreaPageXML, XMLState, "Sample";
if not empty(XMLState:XMLDoc) then
	call AddContentArea of form syAreaPageXML, XMLState, getmsg(451)
	{Reports}, IMAGE_REPORTS of form syAreaPageXML, true, 1;

	call AddCategory of form syAreaPageXML, XMLState, command
	CL_Inventory_Reports of form Command_Inventory, "Inventory", true;
end if;

call Display of form syAreaPageXML, XMLState;

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