Examples: AddReport()

The following is a portion of the IG_ReportList_AddReports procedure in the sample integrating application. It determines whether reports should be added for the current Report List series. If they should, it fills in the syReportData composite and uses the AddReport() function to add a simple report to the list.

in ListObjState list_object;
in 'Report Series DictID' nSeriesDictID;
in 'Report Series ID' nSeriesID;

local integer status;
local syReportData RptData;

{Add items for the IG Reports series}
if (nSeriesID = REPORTS_ALL of form syReportList) or ((nSeriesDictID = IG_PROD_ID) and (nSeriesID = 1)) then

	{Simple Report}
	clear field RptData;
	RptData:'Report Type' = REPORTTYPE_SIMPLE;
	RptData:'Product ID' = IG_PROD_ID;
	RptData:'Report Series DictID' = IG_PROD_ID;
	RptData:'Report Series ID' = 1;
	RptData:'Report ID' = 1;
	RptData:'Report Option Name' = "Leads";
	RptData:'DictID' = IG_PROD_ID;
	RptData:'Resid' = resourceid(report IG_Leads);

	status = AddReport(RptData) of form syReportList;

end if;

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