Examples: CreateDefaultColumn()

The following example is part of the CreateListColumnsData procedure for the Leads list in the sample integrating application. It uses the CreateDefaultColumn() function to add the MarkedToProcess column to the list.

in ListDictID nListDictID;
in ListID nListID;

local integer nStatus;
local integer nSeq;
local integer nRet;

{Delete any existing column information for the list}
nRet = DeleteForListView(nListDictID, nListID, LIST_PRIMARYVIEWID) of form syListViewColObj;
nSeq = 1; 

nStatus = CreateDefaultColumn(
			resourceid(field 'Marked To Process'){field id},
			COLSORTORDER_NONE {sort order},
			true {visible},
			25 {width},
			0, {array index}
			0, 0, { no format field }
			0, {token ID}
			0 {sort sequence}) of form syListViewColObj;

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