Examples: DisassembleDictSpecificID

The following example is the trigger processing procedure that runs when the user chooses an action from the Customers list. It uses the DisassembleDictSpecificID procedure to extract the product ID and action from the action ID.

inout ListObjState list_object;
in  long action_id;

local integer dict_id;
local integer action;

{Is this the default action? If it is, do not process it.}
if action_id <> DEFAULT_ACTION then 
	{Disassemble the action that was passed into the script}
	call DisassembleDictSpecificID, action_id, dict_id, action;
	{Process the action}
	if dict_id = IG_PROD_ID then
		{It is our action to process}
		case action
				{Execute the action to open the selected customer}
				call ExecuteAction of form ListObj_Customers, list_object, DEFAULT_ACTION;
				{Open the Contact History window}
				call IG_Trigger_Open_Contact_History;
		end case;
	end if;
end if;

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