Examples: AddGroup()

The following is a portion of the CreateListRibbonData procedure for the Leads card list defined in the sample integrating application. This procedure defines the groups and actions that appear in the Action Pane for the Leads list. This example adds the Actions group to the Action Pane.

in ListDictID nListDictID;
in ListID nListID;

local CmdDictID nCmdDictID;
local CmdFormID nCmdFormID;
local CmdID nCmdID;
local integer nStatus;
local CmdSequence nGroupSeq;

nGroupSeq = 0;

{ Actions group }
increment nGroupSeq;
nCmdDictID = IG_PROD_ID;
nCmdFormID = resourceid(form ListObj_Leads);
nCmdID = resourceid(command CL_ActionsGroup);
nStatus = AddGroup(nListDictID, nListID, LIST_PRIMARYVIEWID, nGroupSeq,
			nCmdDictID, nCmdFormID, nCmdID, 
			true{visible}) of form syListViewCmdBarObj;

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