Examples: CmdBarIsVisible()

The following example uses the CmdBarIsVisible() function to find out whether the toolbar for the sample integrating application is displayed. If it is, the corresponding menu item in the Toolbars submenu is checked.

local boolean visible;
local integer tag;

{Get the visible state of the sample toolbar}
visible = CmdBarIsVisible('User ID' of globals, 
	resourceid(form Command_IG_Sample), 
	resourceid(command CL_IG_Sample_CMDBAR of form Command_IG_Sample)) of form syCmdBarObj; 

{Set the menu item appropriately}
if visible = true then
	{Mark the menu item}
	tag = Command_GetTag(command Toolbar_IGSample of form Command_IG_Sample);
	Command_SetBooleanProperty(tag, COMMAND_PROP_CHECKED, true);
end if;

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