Examples: Activate

The following example is the change script for the PB_Presence_Button field for the first presence instance in the Lead Inquiry window. This change script builds the title to display in the messenger dialog, and then calls the Activate procedure to perform the action. The constant IG_PROD_ID is used to specify the product in which the presence indicator has been implemented.

local string convo_title;

{Build the title to use for any conversation}
convo_title = 'Lead Name' + CH_SPACE + CH_DASH + CH_SPACE + 'Lead ID';

{Perform the action that was chosen from the button drop list}
call Activate of form Dummy_Presence_Form, "", "", 0, Label_Presence[1], convo_title, PB_Presence_Button[1], "", "", "", IG_PROD_ID;

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