Examples: GatherSIP()

The following example is the change script for the Label_Presence[1] field in the Lead Maintenance window of the sample integrating application. This script retrieves the SIP address for the salesperson currently selected in the Salesperson ID field, and then registers the presence indicator for that field.

local string form_name;
local string window_name;

form_name = "IG_Lead_Maintenance";
window_name = "'Lead Maintenance'";

{Retrieve the SIP address for the salesperson and store it in the array element}
Label_Presence[1] = GatherSIP(CO_INETADDRS_SALESPERSON, 'Salesperson ID', "");

{Register the presence trigger for the field}
call Register of form Dummy_Presence_Form, form_name, window_name, 1, Label_Presence[1], 'Salesperson ID', CO_INETADDRS_SALESPERSON, "", IG_PROD_ID;

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