Query Build window: Fields



Contains criteria that will be applied to restrict which rows are returned by the query.

Field Name

Select the field to apply the restriction criteria to.

Fields to Show

Select the fields to include in the query results. If no fields are selected, all fields from the selected tables will be included.

Group By

Select the field that will be used to group the query results.


Select the operator to apply to the selected field.

Order By

Select which field the results of the query will be sorted by. You can sort items in ascending or descending order.


Select the table that includes the field you’ll be using to build the query. The list contains the tables that are available from the ODBC data source. The fields from the tables selected in this list will be available to use in restriction criteria. They also can be included in the query results.

Top N Value

Enter the number of rows to return from the query. If you mark the Top Percent check box, the specified percentage of rows will be returned.

Top Percent

Mark this option to indicate that the specified percentage of rows in the Top N Value field should be returned.


Enter the value to compare the selected field to.

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