Properties <name of field> window: Fields


Data Type (General tab)

The type of data the field contains. The valid types are boolean, currency, date, enumeration, integer, long integer, numeric, string, and time.

Enumeration Items (Other Information tab)

Displays a list of enumeration fields with their corresponding values. When you import integer values into an enumeration field, those values should correspond to one of the enumeration items.

Field Name (General tab)

Displays the name of the field.

Fixed Length (General tab)

Indicates whether the value in the field has a fixed length.

Has Default (General tab)

Indicates whether the field has a non-blank default value available.

ID (General tab)

Displays the internal ID of the field in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Item Name (Other Information tab)

Displays the names of the items in the field.

Numeric Scale (General tab)

For numeric fields, displays the total number of digits in the field.

Precision (General tab)

For numeric fields, displays the number of digits after the decimal point.

Read only (General tab)

Indicates whether data can be imported into the field.

Required (General tab)

Indicates whether a value must be supplied for this field.

Size (General tab)

In most cases, displays the number of bytes required to store the field data. For string fields, it is the number of characters that can be stored by the field.

Updatable (General tab)

Indicates whether the existing value in the field can be updated.

Value (Other Information tab)

Displays the value for each item in the field.

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