Import Data Lookup window


Use the Import Data Lookup window to add fields from your source file to the destination table, or view data from the first record in the source file.

The Import Data Lookup window displays the first record in the source file you're using for the import definition. How you link fields from this first record to the destination table provides a "template" to determine how the remainder of records will be added to the destination table when you begin the import process.

If you don't want to import a field in the source file, don't link it in the import definition. If you want to import a single field from the source file to more than one field in the destination table, link it to all appropriate fields in the destination table.

Be sure that the field in the source file matches the storage type and length of the field in the destination table. The Import Utility will attempt to convert data to the appropriate storage type and length, but inappropriate conversions could result in invalid data.

To display this window

In the Table Import Definition window, select a field in the destination table in the scrolling window and click the Source lookup button.