A number without decimal places, between -32,768 and 32,767.

Control types

Integer, drop-down list, list box, radio group, progress indicator

How stored in tables

Ordinary integers are stored as displayed in windows.

A selection in a drop-down list or list box is stored as an integer representing the item selected in the list. The items are numbered sequentially, but are not necessarily in the order they are displayed in the list.

Radio group settings are also stored as an integer representing a position, but the numbering scheme is different. The first button (the topmost or leftmost) is assigned the value 0, the second button is 1, and so on.

Progress indicator fields are stored as values ranging from 0 to 100. When set to 0 or less, no indicator is displayed. When set to 100 or greater, the entire indicator is displayed. For values in between, the amount displayed is proportional to the value.