Key Definition window: Fields


Key Name

Displays the name by which the key will be stored in the dictionary.

Table Fields

Displays the set of fields in the table from which the key segments can be selected.

Key Segments

Displays the list of fields that will be used as segments in the key. Records will be sorted primarily according to the first key segment. Records that are identical for the first key segment will be sorted again by the second key segment. For example, if the Key Segments list contains two segments: [last_name, first_name], in that order, records will sorted primarily by the last name, and records with the same last name entry would be sorted secondarily by first name.

P.SQL/c-tree/SQL key options

The database type chosen in the Table Definition window indicates which sets of key options apply for each key

Segment options

The segment options specify how the key will handle the contents of the selected key segment.

SQL Auto Procedure Disable Options

These options disable creation of the auto-generated stored procedures for specific table operations. Auto-generated stored procedures are used to improve performance for Microsoft SQL Server. These options do not apply to the Report Writer.

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