Report Definition window: Buttons



Opens the Report Table Relationships window, which you can use to link additional tables to the report.

The report's main table will be the only table listed in this window. The number 01 will appear to the left of the table name, denoting its status as the report's main table. Click New to add another table to the report.


Opens the Sorting Definition window, which you can use to create a sorting method for the report.


Opens the Report Restrictions window. Click New or Open to open the Report Restriction Definition window, which you can use to create restrictions limiting the amount of information that will be printed.


Opens the Layout window, where you'll design the report layout by placing fields on the report, applying drawing options such as color and fonts, and so on. You must open the Report Layout window to open the Report Field Options, Report Section Options, Calculated Field and Drawing Options windows.


Saves the report definition and closes the window.


Closes the window without saving changes.

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