Report Restriction Definition window: Fields


Restriction Name

Displays the name of the restriction. The name can contain up to 79 characters, but very long names will be truncated when displayed in the Report Restrictions window.

Report Tables

Allows you to select the table containing the field upon which you want to restrict the report.

Table fields

Allows you to select the field upon which you want to restrict the report. When you have selected a field, click Add Field to add the selected field to the Restriction Expression.


Displays the names of available system-defined functions. Choose the function name from the drop-down list, then click Add Function to add it to the restriction expression.

If the restriction you are defining uses a system-defined function, the function must be included in the expression before the field it is applied to. For example, to restrict the Customer Order report so that it lists only customers that ordered more than five items, you could use the following restriction on the Item_Number field:

FREQUENCY (Item_Number) > 5

When you add a field, it will be placed in the parentheses automatically.


Allows you to select a control type for the constant you are defining. The supported control types for constants in restriction expressions are integer, currency, string, date and time. You must select a control type before specifying the actual constant.


Once you've selected the constant's control type, this field allows you to enter the desired value. When you have done so, click Add Constant.

Restriction expression

Allows you to enter the expression that will determine the information that will be printed on the report. To enter an expression in the Restriction Expression field, highlight the appropriate item and click the corresponding Add Function, Add Constant or Add Field button.

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