Examples: Visible property (window)

When the user enters a transaction amount in the Receivables Transaction Entry window, the following event procedure compares the amount with the maximum batch total in an invisible Receivables Batch Entry window:

Private Sub SalesAmount_BeforeUserChanged(KeepFocus As Boolean, _
CancelLogic As Boolean)
	If BatchID.Empty = False Then
		'Open the Batch Entry window invisibly
		ExpansionButtons = 1
		ReceivablesBatchEntry.Visible = False
		'Compare the batch total to the transaction amount entered
		If CCur(SalesAmount)>CCur(ReceivablesBatchEntry _ 
		.BatchTotal) Then
			MsgBox "Amount exceeds batch limit."
			'Clear the batch ID field and move the focus there
			BatchID.Empty = True
		End If
		'Close the window
	End If
End Sub

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