Examples: Count property

The following example uses the Count property to return the number of properties for a given data object. If the number of properties is greater than 2, the procedure loops through the collection, and uses the Remove method to delete properties other than Item Weight and Item Color:

Private Sub DeleteExtraProperties_Click()
	Dim ItemCollection As DUOSObjects
	Dim ItemObject As DUOSObject
	Dim ItemProperties As DUOSProperties
	Dim ItemProperty As DUOSProperty

	Set ItemCollection = DUOSObjectsGet("ItemInfo")
	Set ItemObject = ItemCollection(ItemNumber)
	Set ItemProperties = ItemObject.Properties

	If ItemProperties.Count > 2 Then
	'There are too many properties for this object
	'Remove any other than Item Weight and Item Color 
		For Each ItemProperty In ItemProperties
			If Not ((ItemProperty.Name = "Item Weight") Or _
			(ItemProperty.Name = "Item Color")) Then
				ItemProperties.Remove (ItemProperty)
			End If
	End If
End Sub

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