By default, text in the Microsoft Dynamics AX application is the language that is used for the Microsoft Dynamics AX administrator account. The following procedure describes how to change a user's default language.

Note Note

Each language for Microsoft Dynamics AX requires a license. To learn how to acquire additional language licenses, contact your Microsoft partner.

To set a user's default language

  1. Click > Common Forms> .

    The form opens.

  2. Select the user you want to set the default language for, and then click .

    The form opens.

  3. On the tab, select the desired language from the list.

  4. Press CTRL + S to save changes.

  5. Inform users that they must close and reopen Microsoft Dynamics AX for the language changes to take effect.

  6. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 as needed for other users.

Note Note

Setting the language using a command-line parameter overrides the language setting in the user interface.

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