You can set up the global search function in the form and start using it in the form.

In the form, select the tables to be indexed so that users can search for records in these tables.

In the form, set the Data Crawler speed and when it should run.

When the Data Crawler is started and the fields are indexed, you can use Global Search and enable the search function from within the Enterprise Portal.

Note Note

When you select the tables to be indexed, you should also be aware of the access rights to these tables. If the user has no access to the table being indexed, Global Search will not return any results from that table. If the user has View rights to the table, Global Search will return records from the table, but the user cannot modify the data. The access rights are controlled by using record-level security. For more information, see Manage record level security.

Select tables and field to index

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Press CTRL+N to add a new table to the list of tables (press ALT+F9 to remove a table).

  3. From the form, select a table in the list.

  4. Click Yesto add all text fields to the index.


    Click Noif you want to add the index fields manually.

  5. On the tab, select the check box to enable text indexing.

  6. In the pane, select the fields to be indexed and then click the <button to add the fields to the pane.

Set up and start the Data Crawler

  1. Click > > > .

  2. On the tab, select a company.

  3. On the tab, if the status is , select a crawler speed and then click .

Tip Tip

If you want the Data Crawler to start when the first client logs on to the system, select the check box.

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