From an alert e-mail the user can drill down to see what change in the business data caused the alert.

The user can also drill down to the alert itself. If, for example, the alert was triggered by a field change, the user can drill down to see the value of the field before it was changed.

Finally, the user can drill down to the alert rule. If, for example, users do not want to receive certain alerts any longer, they can drill down and delete the alert rule that caused the alerts.

Enabling the drill-down functionality

The drill-down functionality is enabled by adding the following links in the alert e-mail template. When receiving an alert e-mail message the user can drill down by clicking the relevant drill-down links in the alert e-mail message. The link text that the user sees in the alert e-mail message is defined in the alert e-mail template.


Drills down to

Link text in alert e-mail message

In HTML: Dynamics://%LinkToBusinessData%

In XSLT: alert/LinkToBusinessData

The alert origin; that is, the business data in Microsoft Dynamics AX that caused the alert.

The link text starts with "Go to" and then the business data.



In XSLT: alert/LinkToAlertRule

The alert rule in the form.

Manage alerts

In HTML: Dynamics://%LinkToAlert%

In XSLT: alert/LinkToAlert

The alert in the form.

View alerts

Installation requirements

To use the drill-down functionality from an e-mail message, users must work from a local Microsoft Dynamics AX client with a local version of the Microsoft Dynamics AX configuration file. The drill-down functionality does not work if users access Microsoft Dynamics AX by an application server.

Accessing the correct database

If users can receive alerts from two different databases, it is important that the drill-down link in alert e-mails drills down to the database where the event occurred.

A value must be entered as a drill-down target for each of the two database systems to identify the databases. The drill-down target information prevents users from drilling down to a wrong database.

If a user does not have Microsoft Dynamics AX running when clicking a drill-down link in an alert e-mail message, the Microsoft Dynamics AX default configuration is launched, provided that the default configuration is connected to the database where the alert is stored. If the default configuration is not connected to the correct database, the drill down results in an error.

On the other hand, if a user starts up Microsoft Dynamics AX before clicking the drill-down link, the drill down succeeds provided that the Axapta client is connected to the database where the alert is stored.

Note Note

If the drill-down target is changed after an alert e-mail has been generated and sent, the URL in the alert e-mail is outdated and the drill-down fails.

Define the drill-down target

  1. Click > > > .

  2. In the form, enter the drill-down navigation target in the field.

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