Use the following steps to view the status and history of a workflow instance.

  1. Open the Workflow historyform ( Basic> Inquiries> Workflow history).

  2. To filter the list of workflow instances that are displayed in the form, select a workflow status.

    • All— All workflow instances are listed.

    • Pending— Workflow instances that are currently processing are listed.

    • Completed— Workflow instances that have completed the required processing are listed.

    • Canceled— Workflow instances that have been cancelled are listed.

    • Stopped (Error)— Workflow instances that have stopped because of an error are listed.

    • Unrecoverable— Workflow instances that have stopped because of an unrecoverable error are listed.

  3. Select a workflow instance. Details about the workflow instance are displayed on the tabs in the lower part of the form.

    • Overview tab— This tab displays the status of the workflow instance and indicates where the submitted document is at in the workflow.

    • Work items tab— Use this tab to assign a task or approval step to another user.

    • Tracking details tab— Displays the history of this workflow instance.