Before you begin working in the area of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can set default values in the form. By presetting these values, you can reduce some of the manual data entry required when creating new expense reports and completing expense report transactions.

To open the form, click > > .


You can set mileage rates and specify how employee personal expenses are paid. You can also define whether an expense report involving the section needs validation.


You can select the default ledger journal name for posting expense reports and the ledger voucher number that will be used when an expense report is posted. You can also define whether to post directly to the general ledger or create a journal first, define the posting method, and specify the maximum difference allowed in cost split transactions.

Per diem

You can set the minimum number of hours an employee must enter during expense entry to receive a per diem allowance. Define meal percentage allowance and meal percentage reductions (reduced allowance if an employee receives a complimentary meal) for your employees.

Additional information

You can define additional fields to display on an expense report and require more information about the expenses incurred by employees.

Number sequences

You can set the number sequence codes that should be used with the corresponding references when creating new expense reports and cash advance requests.

For detailed information including individual field descriptions, see the Expense management parameters (form).