As you implement a Microsoft Dynamics AX system, work with your implementation team to help ensure that any personal information that is stored in your system is secured in accordance with the rules and regulations of the countries/regions that you operate in.

Personal information is any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual. Such information may include name, country/region, street address, e-mail address, credit card number, Social Security number, government identification number, IP address, or any unique identifier that is associated with personal information in another system.

Personal information collection

If you choose to send error reports to Microsoft, personal information could be unintentionally collected by Microsoft Dynamics AX. If personal information is present, it will not be used to identify you or anyone in your corporation. You can review the data collection policy for the Microsoft Error Reporting engine on the Microsoft Online Crash Analysissite.

You may choose to collect personal information by using Microsoft Dynamics AX from customers, employees, and vendors as part of your business processes. Personal information can be collected directly from customers who are registering through Enterprise Portal, or it can be collected by an employee on behalf of a customer or another employee.

Personal information storage

In a Microsoft Dynamics AX system, you may store personal information in the Microsoft Dynamics AX database. The following list includes some, but not necessarily all tables that may contain personal information:

  • Any table that begins with BANK

  • Any table that begins with COMMISSION




  • EMPLTABLE, and any other table that starts with EMPL


  • Any table that begins with HRM




Personal information transmission

The primary means that you may use to transmit personal information when using Microsoft Dynamics AX are through Enterprise Portal or by using the Application Integration Framework (AIF). Transmission of personal information should be as secure as possible. See the following topics for information about helping to secure Enterprise Portal and AIF: