A domain in the Microsoft Dynamics AX system is a group of company accounts. Domains enable setting up specific user permission for a group of company accounts.

Just as user groups define sets of users, domains define sets of company accounts that are logically connected. You can set security permissions based on the combination of user groups and domains, as shown in the following table.

The user groups are listed across the top of the table and the domains in which they reside appear vertically. Each box represents separate security settings that apply to the given user group/domain combination.









Admin Asia

HR Asia

Finance Asia

Purchasing Asia

Engineering Asia

IT Asia

R&D Asia


Admin Africa

HR Africa

Finance Africa

Purchasing Africa

Engineering Africa

IT Africa

R&D Africa


Admin Australia

HR Australia

Finance Australia

Purchasing Australia

Engineering Australia

IT Australia

R&D Australia


Admin Europe

HR Europe

Finance Europe

Purchasing Europe

Engineering Europe

IT Europe

R&D Europe

South America

Admin South America

HR South America

Finance South America

Purchasing South America

Engineering South America

IT South America

R&D South America

North America

Admin North America

HR North America

Finance North America

Purchasing North America

Engineering North America

IT North America

R&D North America

By using domains, you could allow a conglomerate company that has several subsidiary businesses to share a single Microsoft Dynamics AX system. Each subsidiary can be represented by a domain, which in turn can limit access based on user group.

One domain, Admin, exists in the Microsoft Dynamics AX system by default. The Admin domain always includes all companies. You cannot remove the domain or delete any companies from this domain. Use the Admin domain for any user groups that need access to all companies.

Important Important

The domains feature requires a separate license. To obtain a license, contact your Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner.

Domain/user group access restriction

If your organization or business has more than one company account, you can restrict account access by using domains. Domains restrict account access much like user groups restrict user access.

New domains

Domain/user group relationship

With the combination of domains and user groups, you can create a strict security policy where each user group in each domain is a distinct entity without any access between groups or domains.

New group domains

User group that has access across multiple domains

You can also create a customized security policy where, for example, one group has account access to similar group data, forms, and modules across multiple domains. In this graphic the Engineering Africa group has access to all engineering data, forms, and modules across all domains.

One-user domains

Domain administrators

Domain administrators have full administration rights to their domain. However, they have no rights to other domains.

Some customers who have many companies in Microsoft Dynamics AX have a requirement to keep the data in each company completely separate. In such large system environments the system administrator is not the person who grants permissions to the user or creates companies. The system administrator creates a role called the domain administrator to do this. Domain administrators have complete access to all resources within their domain, but do not have access to companies in other domains. For more information, see Create domain administrators.

Domain administrators

Create a domain

  1. From a Microsoft Dynamics AX Client, click > > .

  2. On the tab, press Ctrl+ Nto add a new domain.

  3. Enter an ID in the field, such as Eurfor Europe. This is required.

  4. Enter a name in the Namefield (required), such as Europe.

  5. Click the tab.

  6. Select company accounts in the list and then click the left arrow( <) to move the selected company accounts into the list. All accounts moved into the list will be added to the current domain.

  7. Press Ctrl+ Sto save changes.

Grant user groups access to a domain

By default, user groups do not have access to a new domain. You must grant access by using the following procedure.

Important Important

Before completing the following steps, determine which user groups require access to the new domain. Also, determine the necessary permissions for each user group. If you are uncertain about whether to grant access to a user group, deny access until you receive a request from a manager.

  1. From a Microsoft Dynamics AX client, click > > > .

  2. On the tab, select a user group. If you have to create a new user group for this domain, see Manage user groups.

  3. Select a domain.

  4. Click the tab.

  5. Set the desired permissions.

  6. Press Ctrl+ Sto save changes.

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