To integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX and Analysis Services, you must update your Microsoft Dynamics AX database and your Analysis Services database. (This documentation refers to your Analysis Services database as your OLAP database.)

Complete the following procedure using your Microsoft Dynamics AX client.

Note Note

Before completing this procedure, we recommend that you make backups of your databases.

  1. Open the OLAP Administrationform ( Administration> Setup> Business analysis> OLAP> OLAP Administration).

  2. Click the OLAP serverstab.

  3. Select the check box for the server on which Analysis Services is installed.

  4. Click the OLAP databasestab.

  5. Select the check box for the Dynamics AXdatabase.

  6. Click the Advancedtab.

  7. Select the Update BI Datacheck box to update your Microsoft Dynamics AX database with currency conversion information and time dimensions.

  8. Select the Synchronize OLAP Database with OLTP Schemacheck box to synchronize your OLAP database with your Microsoft Dynamics AX database.

    When you installed the Microsoft Dynamics AX Analysis Extensions, an OLAP database named Dynamics AXwas created for you. This database includes several cubes—including some you may not need.

    For example, suppose you did not purchase the CRM module of Microsoft Dynamics AX. When you synchronize your OLAP database with the Microsoft Dynamics AX database, the CRM cube will be removed from the OLAP database.

    Note Note

    Indexes are not synchronized during this synchronization process. If you have made changes to the indexes in your Microsoft Dynamics AX database, you will need to make those same changes in your OLAP database.

  9. To record information about the updating of the databases, select the Enable loggingcheck box.

    Data will be recorded in a log file. Specify a location to save the log file to.

  10. Click Update Databases.