You can create a time period by using a template that will display in the Business Overview Web part in Role Centers in Enterprise Portal. With a template, you can create the code with the information that you want to display, and then reuse the code instead of entering new information each time you create a new time period.

  1. Click > > > > .

  2. Click CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. Enter a period identification and a brief description.

  4. Enter the name that you want to display on the Web part and how you want the information that is displayed to be ranked.

  5. Select the check box to display the time period information on the Web part.

  6. Select the check box to use a defined expression for this time period.

  7. Under the tab, enter the Multi-Dimensional Expression (MDX) for the template.

Note Note

Generally, the check box will not be selected when you are using a template.

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