Print management works with several modules, including , , and . You can see the supported documents for each module in the form. For example, in , the following documents are supported:

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The and document types also are used in CRM.

You can set up print management original records, copy records, and conditional settings at the module, account, or transaction level.

Setting up print management at the module level requires the least amount of setup and minimizes the maintenance work when you need to change the settings, such as when you install new printers or change your existing printers. However, if your business needs require it, you can override the module settings for specific accounts or individual transactions.

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If you set up print management at the account or transaction level, the setup information will be more complex to manage when you add or change printers, because you will need to change the settings for each individual account or transaction.

Configuration keys

Print management support for documents in the form is controlled by the following configuration keys.

Module and configuration key

Document type

Accounts receivable

Quotations (QuotationBasic)

Trade (LogisticsBasic)



Accounts receivable

Trade (LogisticsBasic)

Sales order confirmation

Sales order invoice

Sales order packing slip

Accounts receivable

General ledger (LedgerBasic)

Free text invoice

Accounts payable

Trade (LogisticsBasic)

Purchase order invoice

Purchase order packing slip

Purchase order receipts list

Purchase order

Request for quote

Request for quote - Accept

Request for quote - Reject

Request for quote - Return


Project (ProjBasic)

Project invoice

Inventory management

Trade (LogisticsBasic)

Picking list

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