You can use the inventory management parameters to vary and control functionality according to your requirements.

We recommend that you initially go through all the parameters and set them as necessary, especially before invoicing because the parameters determine how the data that is generated by the transactions is handled.

To open the form, click > > . The parameters are grouped on tabs according to functionality and are listed as follows:



Sets the inventory parameters that are used with inventory creation, reservation, and closing.

Specifies a default journal name for each inventory journal type that is used when no other journal name is specified.

Specifies how bills of materials (BOMs) should be checked for circularity and controls how, and whether price agreements should be used in BOM calculations.


Defines the parameters that are needed to generate the names of new locations. Under , you can enter the default physical dimensions for new locations.


Indicates the priorities for each type of pallet transport that you want to create.

Lets you select which default inventory dimensions you want to be shown on the tab in the inventory journals, BOM lines, and quarantine orders.

Defines number sequences that are relevant for the module.

*Relevant to the section only.

For more information, refer to the What's This? Help on each parameter in the form.

For an overview of dependencies between parameters, see to .