You use templates to create the setup of messages sent out by e-mail. E-mail messages are applied from various functions in Microsoft Dynamics AX. For example, you can send out broadcasts or alerts by e-mail.

The e-mail template provides predefined contents for the message, and the data of the message is provided through the function (alerts, broadcasts) that uses the e-mail template.

E-mail templates can be created in HTML or in XSLT format.

HTML layout

An e-mail template with HTML (default) layout does not affect the layout in e-mail messages. The e-mail layout is created in an HTML editor.

XSLT layout

With an e-mail template based on XSLT, the content of e-mail messages is dynamic in the sense that the layout can change depending on the referenced fields. The referenced fields values are available when the e-mail is about to be sent and the layout can be determined.

The XSLT e-mail layout can be created as an XSLT style sheet in a simple editor. You can also load an existing style sheet into the editor.

E-mail ID

You must specify an e-mail ID for the functions from where you want to send e-mail messages. On the e-mail ID you can create templates in different languages. Thus, the e-mail messages sent from a function in Microsoft Dynamics AX is based on a unique e-mail ID, and if this e-mail ID contains templates in different languages, e-mail messages can be sent out to users in their native languages. The language that is set up for a user in the field in the Options form determines what template is applied when an e-mail message is sent to this user.

Note Note

The default language code on the e-mail ID determines what template to use when the user has set a language different from any available templates.

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