Complete the following procedure to update your cubes with exchange rate information. Complete this procedure using your Microsoft Dynamics AX client.

  1. Open the Setup Exchange Ratesform ( Administration> Setup> Business analysis> OLAP> Setup Exchange Rates).

  2. Click the Generaltab.

  3. Select an exchange rate company.

    After you select a company, the exchange rate master currency is entered for you in the Exchange rate master currencyfield.

  4. Select the Populate Exchange Rates nowcheck box.

  5. To update exchange rate information as part of a batch, click the Batchtab. Then do the following:

    • Select the Batch processingcheck box.

    • In the Captionfield, enter a name.

    • Select a group from the Batch grouplist.

    • If you want to be the only person who runs this batch, select the Privatecheck box.

    • Click the Recurrencebutton to specify how often this batch will run.

    • Click the Alertsbutton to set up alert notifications for this batch.

  6. Click OK.