Cues Web parts display a visual representation of a user's workload and remaining work items, such as sales leads or overdue activities. You can configure or edit Cues, and then import or export them to other computers.

For information about how to add a Cues Web part, modify the properties of a Cue, create Cues, or modify Cue filters, see Manage Cues.

Edit a Cue

You can configure several settings for a Cue, including the minimum and maximum values, the query used for the Cue, and which user profiles a Cue is available for.

  1. Click > > > .

  2. Select a Cue ID.

  3. Click the tab.

  4. Enter a caption to be displayed for the Cue in the Web part.

  5. Enter the minimum and maximum count information, which determines how the icon that is displayed for each Cue represents the number of records.

  6. Specify the threshold. If the threshold is not met, a warning icon will be displayed for the Cue.

  7. Select the totals to display for Cues that display currency information.

  8. Select which users will have access to this Cue. If you select , select which profiles will have access to the filtered view. This setting applies across all companies.

  9. Click OK.

How to import or export Cues

If you edit Cues and you want to make those Cues available on other computers, you can import or export those Cues.

  1. Click > > > Manage Cues.

  2. Select the Cue IDs to import or export.

  3. Click or and click the AOT or file option.

    • If you are importing or exporting Cues on the same computer, select the AOT option.

    • If you are importing or exporting Cues on another computer, select the file option.

  4. Close the form to save your changes.

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