To use an e-mail template for alerts, broadcasts, or any other function in Microsoft Dynamics AX, you need to create an e-mail ID and then specify this e-mail ID for the function.

Create an e-mail ID

  1. Click > > .

  2. Press CTRL+Nto create a new e-mail ID.

  3. Enter the following information for the e-mail ID:

    1. In the field, create an ID that corresponds to the function that the ID is for.

    2. In the field, create an optional description of the e-mail ID.

    3. In the field, select the language code. The language code determines which template to use when the user has set a language different from any available templates.

    4. In the field, enter the sender name. This is the name that the recipient sees in the Inbox when receiving an e-mail message.

    5. In the field, enter the e-mail address.

    6. In the field on the tab, enter a priority. This determines whether the e-mail message should appear with priority in the recipient's inbox.

    7. In the field on the tab, enter a batch group. This determines which batch should process the e-mail construction.

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