Before you can generate a report model, you (or a developer in your organization) must create a perspective. A perspective identifies the tables in the Microsoft Dynamics AX database that will be included in a report model.

When you choose to generate report models, the system will look at the list of perspectives in the AOT ( AOT> Data Dictionary> Perspectives) and generate a report model for each perspective that has the Usageproperty set to AdHocReportingor Both.

Microsoft Dynamics AX includes default perspectives that reflect different areas of the product. For example, there is a Custperspective for customer tables and a Vendperspective for vendor tables. These perspectives can help you and the business decision makers in your organization become familiar with the ad hoc reporting features of Reporting Services. However, your business decision makers may require different tables or different perspectives altogether. If so, you must create a new perspective or modify an existing one.

For information about how to create or modify perspectives, see the Microsoft Dynamics AX developer documentation. You can access this documentation from your Microsoft Dynamics AX client by clicking Microsoft Dynamics AXmenu > Help> Developer Help.