Microsoft Dynamics AX and the Enterprise Portal framework include customizable home pages called Role Centers. Role Centers display specific data, reports, alerts, and common tasks associated with a user's role in the organization. Users can access Role Centers from the Microsoft Dynamics AX client or from an Enterprise Portal Web site. This topic describes how to deploy Role Centers.

Before you begin

  • Install Role Centers and the Enterprise Portal framework using Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup. To learn more, see "Install Enterprise Portal and Role Centers" in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0 Installation Guide.

  • Read Role Center securityto understand how Microsoft Dynamics AX user groups determine the information and data shown on Role Center pages.

Deploying Role Centers

You must complete the following procedures to deploy Role Centers on the Enterprise Portal Web server. After you complete the following procedures, users can view Role Centers in either Enterprise Portal or the Microsoft Dynamics AX client.

Give users access to the SharePoint site

After you install Role Centers and the Enterprise Portal framework using Setup, you must give users access to the Role Centers SharePoint site. If a user does not have access to the site, the user will see an access error when viewing the Role Center page on either the Microsoft Dynamics AX client or in Enterprise Portal.

  1. Open the Role Centers site in your Web browser. The default URL is http:// server_name/sites/DynamicsAx.

  2. On the Site Settings page,under Users and Permissions, click People and groups.

  3. On the toolbar, click New> Add Usersor New> New Groupto add users or create a new group on the current site.

  4. We recommend assigning users to SharePoint groups when possible to help minimize the amount of time spent administering individual user accounts.

Note Note

You can add all the members of an Active Directory group by entering the domain and group name as a new user. You can also add all authenticated users by clicking the Add all authenticated userslink on the Add Userspage.

  1. Grant each user or group permissions on the site. You might need to speak with the user's manager or group manager to determine the desired permissions.

Import user profiles

A user profile is a set of default information for a specific role in an organization, such as chief financial officer or accounting manager. The user profiles determine the content that is displayed on Role Center pages. To learn how to import user profiles, see Select default profiles for Role Centers.

Assign users to profiles

When you assign users to profiles, you specify which Role Centers the users see when they open the Microsoft Dynamics AX client or Enterprise Portal. To learn how to assign users to a profile, see Assign users to Role Center profiles. After you assign users to a profile, those users must restart the Microsoft Dynamics AX client or refresh their Web browsers to view their Role Centers.

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