Before you install or deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX, carefully plan the user topology of your Active Directory directory service.

All Microsoft Dynamics AX users must first be defined in Active Directory. The computers running Microsoft Dynamics AX must have access to computers in the same domain running Active Directory configured in native mode.

Document Active Directory structures

Work with the system administrator at the customer site to understand the existing Active Directory structures.

Existing Active Directory structures do not require modifications to be used to support Microsoft Dynamics AX users within the domain. If the customer has Active Directory domains, and all the domains in the forest are set up with two-way trust, Microsoft Dynamics AX will recognize all the users in the domain after they are imported. For details, see Import users from Active Directory.

If the customer does not have Active Directory installed and configured, you can refer the system administrator to best practices in the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit chapter on Designing and Deploying Directory and Security Services, located on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Technology CenterWeb site.

Determine whether users external to the domain require access through Enterprise Portal

If external user access to Enterprise Portal is required, domain accounts must be set up for the external users. The location of the external user domain accounts depends on the structure of the customer's perimeter network. For details about setting up external user access, see Giving users access to Enterprise Portal sitesin the Enterprise Portal Administration Guide.