Complete the following procedure for each company that uses the Workflow system.

  1. Open the Settings for workflowform ( Basic> Setup> Setting for workflow).

  2. On the Generaltab, select a template for e-mail notifications.

    Notifications will be sent to users when tasks or documents are assigned to them.

  3. On the Administrationtab, click Validateto verify that Microsoft Dynamics AX can communicate with the Workflow Web site.

    If the validation fails, make sure that the correct URL is specified:

    • If your Workflow server is using SSL, the URL is https:// ServerName: PortNumber/MicrosoftDynamicsAX50.

    • If your Workflow server is not using SSL, the URL is http:// ServerName: PortNumber/MicrosoftDynamicsAX50.

    ServerNameis the name of your Workflow server. PortNumberis the port that the Workflow Web site is using.

  4. On the Number sequencestab, select a number sequence code for the Configuration Id.

    The number sequence code that you select will be used to generate the configuration IDs assigned to workflows. You can view the configuration ID of each workflow on the Workflow configurationform.

  5. Save your changes and close the form.

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