The Microsoft Dynamics AX Help system offers information about performing tasks, using individual dialog boxes such as reports and forms, and using individual fields in a dialog box.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Help system consists of four Help collections:

  • Developer Help – To open, click on the Helpmenu.

  • Enterprise Portal Administrator Help – To open, click on the Helpmenu.

  • User Help – To open, press F1 or click on the Helpmenu.

  • Setup Help – To open, click on the Helpmenu.

Navigating Help

There are three tabs in the left pane:

  • Contents– See a structured presentation of Help topics.

    In Contents view, the following icons are associated with topics:



    HTML Help Icon

    This topic has subordinate topics. Double-click a book topic to see the subordinate topics.

    HTML Help TOC Icon

    A Help topic.

  • Search– Enter the text that you want to search for to find a topic quickly.

    Tip Tip

    To receive the best results, enclose the word or phrase that you are searching for in quotation marks. Example: "Create General Ledger"

    Select any of the check boxes in the lower-left corner to customize your search.



    Search previous results

    Specify that the next search is performed only in the topics that are returned from the previous search.

    Match similar words

    Include minor grammatical variations of the word you enter. For example, searching for selectwould also return topics that contain the words selects, selecting, and selected.

    Search titles only

    Search for the specified text in topic titles only.

    After you visit a topic, the table of contents updates so that you see how to visit the topic again. If the table of contents does not update, the Help topic you are viewing comes from a different Help collection.

  • Favorites– If you return to a topic frequently, you can add it to your list of favorites. When the topic is displayed, click the Favoritestab, and then click Add.

Every time that you return to Help, the left pane is open to the tab that you last used.

Help on forms, reports, and dialog boxes

Open the form, report, or dialog box that you want information about, and then press F1 or click Helpon the Helpmenu.

The Help topic describes the overall purpose of the form, report, or dialog box, why you should use it, and how its usage affects the rest of the system. An overview of fields, buttons, and tabs may also be available.

The topic may also list the tasks that use the form, report, or dialog box. Tasks typically involve entering information in multiple forms in a specific sequence. The Contentstab of the Help window provides access to additional task-based procedures, such as setting up cash flow forecasts, closing a fiscal year, or setting up a check layout.

Print a Help topic

  1. Find and display the Help topic you want, or highlight a book or topic on the Contentstab.

  2. In the Optionsmenu, click Print.

  3. Select the printing options that you want.

Return to previous topics

To return to a topic you have visited previously, click Back. You can also mark frequently used topics by clicking Favoritesand then clicking Add.

Provide feedback on Help

If you want to provide feedback on a specific Help topic, use the Comments link at the bottom of the topic. A new message will open in your e-mail client. Type your feedback and send the e-mail message.

Troubleshooting Help

Help might not load correctly if the Microsoft Internet Explorer file cache is full, or if you are trying to run Help over a network.

Clear the Internet Explorer file cache

If your Internet Explorer file cache is full, Help might not function or be displayed correctly. Symptoms of this problem include the following:

  • Sections of a topic do not expand or collapse correctly.

  • Art is not displayed correctly.

  • Fonts are not displayed correctly.

  • Icons are not displayed correctly.

Clear the cache

  1. In Internet Explorer, on the Toolsmenu, click Internet Options.

  2. On the Generaltab, in the Browsing historysection, click Delete.

  3. In the Delete Browsing Historydialog box, in the Temporary Internet Filessection, click Delete files.

  4. Click Closeto close the Delete Browsing Historydialog box, and then click OKto close the Internet Optionsdialog box.

Help might not run over a network

If you are running a Help file from a network location, the topics in the Help files might not be displayed correctly. You may have to modify security settings that prevent Help from loading over a network. For more information, see the Knowledge Base article located at

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