You can create an extranet site for Enterprise Portal so employees, customers, and vendors can access Microsoft Dynamics AX information and participate in business processes using a Web browser.

Before you create an extranet site

  1. Set up and configure a perimeter network. A perimeter network enhances the security of the Enterprise Portal configuration by using firewalls and domain controllers to restrict access to Microsoft Dynamics AX data. For more information, see Configuring a perimeter network for Enterprise Portal.

  2. Obtain a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate from a certificate authority. SSL is a cryptographic system for encrypting data sent over the Web.

  3. Verify that the Enterprise Portal framework is installed. You can view the virtual server URL in the form ( > > > > ). For more information about installing Enterprise Portal, see "Install Enterprise Portal and Role Centers" in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Installation guide.

To create an Enterprise Portal extranet site

  1. Click > > > > .

  2. Click the button.

  3. Enter information in the Web Application, Title and Description, and Web Site Addresssections.

Important Important

You must enter a unique title and description for each Enterprise Portal site. If you create a new Web site using SharePoint Services or IIS Manager, and a title or site description matches an existing site, Enterprise Portal will not deploy on the new site.

  1. Under Template Selection, click the Customtab.

  2. Click Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal.

  3. Enter information in the Site Ownersand Quotasections, and then click OK.

  4. Use IIS to assign the SSL certificate to the Web site you just created ( Start> Administrative Tools> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager).

    • Under Web sites, right-click the new site and click Properties.

    • Click Directory Security.

    • Under Secure Communications, click Server Certificate.

    • Complete the Web Server Certificate Wizard.

  5. Restart IIS. Open a command prompt, type iisreset /noforce, and press ENTER.

  6. Verify that the site is configured for SSL. Click > > > > . Locate the site you just created and verify that the field shows https.

  7. View the site in a browser. Select the site in the form and click .

Next steps

After you have created an extranet site, see the following topics to finish configuring and securing your site: